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New Book Release:
Living in the Supernatural Dimension
By John Abraham

Living in the Supernatural takes you on a journey with God. You will learn about His voice alerts, His "Global Positioning System," and His forks in the road. He will take the willing traveler to His highest and richest plateau.

  • YOU will be moved from where you are to where He would like you to be, as you listen and let God speak to you.
  • YOU will learn about power - God's power in you - to change you and your world.
  • YOU will have a front row seat as God's "mind-stretching" supernatural power is released to you and through you to a hurting world.
  • YOU may experience anger, joy, fear, love, laughter, or tears.
  • YOU are on a journey to an enriched life, bringing greater perspective and balance with sharper focus in God's dimension of the supernatural.


    New Book Release!!
    Living in the Supernatural Dimension
    by Pastor John Abraham

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    Written by John Abraham   
    Tuesday, 18 February 2014 20:41

    Before the era of television, sometimes I was allowed to listen to the radio, but not for very long because the acid-filled battery didn’t last long in the days before electricity came to our district. One evening, I found a station on 208 Meters Medium Wave, from Radio Luxemburg. I heard a preacher who really fascinated me. It was a program relayed from the United States. The minister had a huge tent and traveled the country preaching the gospel and deliverance. The gospel I knew, but deliverance, what was that about? My parents allowed me to stay up until after nine p.m. to finish the program. As they went for solitude to another room, they left me with my ear glued to the radio program.


    I settled back in my huge lounge chair in which, as a small boy, I felt lost. This preacher’s message was different. His name was Oral Roberts. After preaching the gospel, he sat on the platform and prayed for sick people as they fi led past. The sick people gave testimonies when some, and often many, were healed. As the weeks passed and I became attached to him and more comfortable with his message of deliverance, something began to happen to my spirit.




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