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Written by John Abraham   
Tuesday, 06 June 2017 15:11

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CHRIST IS RISEN! Matt. 28:6.


Dear Mission’s Partner,


The fact that Christ is risen is the foundational corner-stone of our Christian faith. The Apostle Paul declared, ‘If Christ be not risen, then our preaching is empty and our faith is also empty. And if Christ is not risen your faith is futile; and you are still in your sins!” 1. Cor.15:17. Christ himself declares; “…Because I live, you will live also. Jn. 14:19


In writing to the Galatians, Paul taught further, attesting to the resurrection of Christ by the Father; declaring “…God the Father who raised Him from the dead.” Gal.1:1. He continues: The same, “God who separated me from my mother’s womb and called me through His grace, to reveal His Son in me…”. Gal. 1:14-15.


As Believers, like Paul who recognised the hand of God on his birth, his call to preach Him among the Gentiles, (1.Cor.1:21-25) we should understand the significance of his statement; “…To reveal His Son in me”. Paul is not saying: To reveal his Son to me. God had already done that on the Damascus road. Act.26:12-18.


Paul further states that he considers himself deadwith Christ, and the life he is now living, he no longer lives (of or for) himself, “…but Christ lives in me”. Gal.2:20 We also must recognize that God has revealed His Son to us in our new birth. And now wishes to reveal Christ in us. Christ in us the Hope of Glory Col. 1:27.

Paul is encouraging them to show forth Christ. To produce the fruit of righteousness. To evidence progression in their new-found faith. That Christ may be (fully) formed in them. And now in us. Gal.4:19. Paul’s thought in the original manuscript is that the child will become a mature adult- spiritually.


We ask ourselves, “Have I really Changed in my new birth”? We should now be walking in the mature love of Christ for others; the mature forgiveness of Christ of others. Old nature gone, dead; now living in the victory of maturity in Christ.


“Christ in us...”, He now encourages the Galatians to develop in mirroring the image of Christ to their world. He further instructs the Corinthian church, regarding the in-dwelling Christ; “But we have this treasure (Jesus Christ) in earthen vessels, that the excellence of the power may be of God and not of us”. 2.Cor 4:7.


The final victory of Christ’s resurrection will be His soon return. Again, Paul declares to the church at Thessalonica, “…when He comes in that Day, to be glorified in His Saints, and to be admired among all those who believe, because our testimony among you was believed”. 2.Thess. 1:10. He lives – rejoice evermore!


Overseas Ministry

Soon after the GOF Fellowship evening in Oct ‘16, Shirley and I left Canada. After about five months overseas we both recently returned. Such a trip! It is wonderful to be back briefly with family and friends.


As God leads we expect to leave soon; probably before the end of April for an extended overseas tour, including stops in Asia and extensive ministry in Indonesia. This tour may require up to four months. Please be in prayer with us that God will have His will in all the planning, travel and ministry. Pray that the provision will be there to care for the total ministry budget. Our schedule since last October has been heavy, but God enabled us to finish strong and with great success. In Sri Lanka and in the UK we had varied ministry. Evangelism, Seminars, Leadership Schools for Pastors, House Meetings, Counseling and mountains of administration and leadership decisions to resolve.


Whatever the challenge, God was there. The Holy Spirit moved and lives were touched, saved and delivered. In many of the small house meetings the Presence of God was so real, we were silent and just watched Him move; doing His own deep work that we could never do. The blessing for Shirley and me is to feel the freedom of the Spirit to work on and change lives. To hear and see the ministry gifts of the Spirit freely in operation. It is a little like pulling the curtain back on the original Pentecost.


Over several years, we have developed a friendship with a Muslim family. This year because of their personal issues, we were able to ‘come along side’ them and be an ongoing blessing to them; this is a historic breakthrough of which only eternity will reveal the full results.


While being driven to an appointment in a large city, the driver was trapped in a massive traffic gridlock. We sat stationary for a few minutes then moved a car length. Ten minutes later, another few ‘lengths’. Finally, we set stationary for at least thirty minutes. I was asking myself “What is this about, when we have such a heavy schedule”? It was like the Holy Spirit planted the thought, “preach the word in season, out of season” within a few seconds the driver turned to me for the first time, saying, “What can be wrong, I’ve never ever been trapped like this?” I said, it gives us a chance to chat; tell me about yourself”. He did. I shared Christ with him and prayed with him; then the traffic cleared and we were off again. “Wow”, he said “what was that about”? I could have told him.


The following day he came to my hotel for about two hours’ further discussion, which concluded with him praying a salvation prayer. The next morning, being Sunday, when I got up to preach, there he was with his wife and whole Buddhist family. I could write pages, but this will have to suffice for now.


As we expect leave again before the end of April, we must covet your prayers for us personally for health and strength. Pray for the various aspects of ministry, all air travel and almost more critical, vehicular travel.


By going for longer periods, we save considerably with fewer overseas flights; but it takes its toll in other hidden ways. Since this will likely be a four-month stint, the ministry budget will be very strained.


For all of you who have supported soul winning for years; we thank you! May we ask you to please be in prayer for the financial hurdle that each of these trips present. Pray that God will supply. Pray that He will supply now before we leave, so we are fully funded and can minister freely without the financial cloud hanging over our heads.

May we ask you who could be part of this ministry, and are in a position to invest with us in seeing souls saved and lives changed, to please come on board, and do what you can, to the best of your ability, as God leads you. We need you to stand firmly with us now, for this tour. We never like to speak of the dollar amount required for a trip, but because this is at least, a four-month tour, the expenses cannot be less than $25,500. Do please stand with us as we go with you as part of this ministry. We need your help. You with us are a team winning souls for the Kingdom.



This letter must also include the information relating to this years Global Outreach

Fellowship Dinner. It will be held at:

Garden Park Tower, Azalea Room 2825 Clearbrook Road V2T 6S3

Friday Oct 13 th 2017 at 6:30PM. Doors open and punch served at 6:15PM.



We expect to be home in Canada mid Sept. (a month before the Dinner) at which time you will have a Summer letter with a reservation Phone Number.

Please feel free to invite your friends who have a genuine heart for missions, and who will stand with us in support. When you call, confirm your name and the total number of friends confirmed to attend.

Please hold us up in prayer and that God will fully provide.

Our personal emails if you would like to keep in touch are:

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Your Servants for Jesus sake

John & Shirley Abraham. 070417

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