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Global Outreach Foundation shall by all means and God's Grace: enable ministers, declaring the power of the Gospel to save the lost, liberate the captive, make disciples; and as Christ's servants labour together with Him for His Glory and the extension of His Kingdom.

New Book Release:
Living in the Supernatural Dimension
By John Abraham

Living in the Supernatural takes you on a journey with God. You will learn about His voice alerts, His "Global Positioning System," and His forks in the road. He will take the willing traveler to His highest and richest plateau.

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  • YOU may experience anger, joy, fear, love, laughter, or tears.
  • YOU are on a journey to an enriched life, bringing greater perspective and balance with sharper focus in God's dimension of the supernatural.


    New Book Release!!
    Living in the Supernatural Dimension
    by Pastor John Abraham

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    Newsletter - Christmas 2018 PDF Print E-mail
    Written by John Abraham   
    Friday, 11 January 2019 17:02

    Global Outreach Foundation

    PO Box 2190 Abbotsford BC V2T 3X8

    Web: globalcanada.org


    Receive His Blessing This Christmas Season

    Dear Mission Partner,


    For the believer, Christmas and Easter must be the most blessed times of the year. Whatever has crossed our paths this year, however challenging, we know our Saviour came to redeem us and rose again; that through His resurrection we will walk in the power of an endless life.

    Shirley and I love you and send our love and prayers. We believe that this season of His birth will bring you a double portion of His love, His peace His comfort and His joy, which gives us His strength for today. “…For the joy of the LORD is our strength”. Neh.8:10 NIV.


    With your faithfulness as a team player, standing together with us, God has enabled so much to be accomplished in these last twelve months. We feel empowered knowing you are standing with us in prayer. In the difficult ministry moments, we know there is a strong band of intercessors holding us up before His throne of grace. Thank you!


    With your support, we have been able to do more than we could have imagined just a year ago. Over the past years many dozens of rural and jungle church-plants have developed. This year we know of five new ‘plant’ that are in various stages of construction. Most of these are being pioneered by pastors, who as young men, have either been saved in our evangelism thrusts years ago, or were taught by us in Bible college later. These are now senior leaders; some of whom have sons leading assemblies now. The construction cost for these ‘new plants’ is a continuing cost, for which we need much extra support. You are helping make this happen.


    In the past we would have loved to host a summer camp for college and career youth, but budget would not permit. This summer we were able to assist and see that happen. The funds were available and over four hundred youth attended for several days. Over forty dedicated their lives to ministry and are preparing for Bible college. Forty-six received the power of the Holy Spirit with Biblical evidence. A good number gave their lives to Christ in salvation. You helped make this happen.


    The ministry opportunities for 2019 are many and exciting. Ministry begins mid January (DV) in Asia, beginning in Sri Lanka. Following that Indonesia is also on the schedule. Later I have a tent crusade in Eire (South of Ireland). Our three ministry organization in Canada, UK and Asia, keep us busy administratively; they each play a vital role in enabling His work, through you,  to  succeed.


    As much as possible, I continue to work in ‘off time’ on two book manuscripts. Because of ministry work-load, this project moves much slower than I would like. Oh, to hide for a year and finish them!  My last book, Living in the Supernatural Dimension, is still making good progress, and available from Amazon, Barnes & Nobel, and from bookstores. Recently it had a critical secular team review and was awarded 98.76%.


    Global Outreach has had an exceptional year of ministry. God has been so faithful, although the great summer weather slowed the support to an even greater degree than usual, we have managed exceptionally well. Please stand with us before year end, Dec.31., for a strong financial finish. This would enable the ministry to begin 2019 on a strong footing. Our first Asian trip is planned for mid January.


    The October GOF annual Banquet was well attended, and a beautiful Spirit prevailed. Many commented later that the anointing of the Holy Spirit was so real at the ministry time.


    “Thank you” to each one of you who came and made the evening rich in fellowship. “Thank you” also for continuing to stand with us financially, enabling us to continue spreading the gospel of the Kingdom.


    Added blessings this year again, were, that the banquet was fully sponsored, enabling all donations to go directly and totally to missions. Also, a good number of you who were not able to attend for various reasons, mailed in your contribution.  A further blessing was that a number began donating by pre-authorised monthly bank payments. These three events represent an incredible on-going blessing to the ministry. We thank God for leading and directing each one in this on-going anointed way.


    As this letter goes to mail, we have a personal prayer concern. On Dec.3, Shirley felt un-well and dizzy. The ambulance was called and 12 days later she is still in a private ward having every applicable test. Dec 13, she was on the table for three hours, the results of which will be released later.


    This is a critical journey for us, but as a family we deeply believe what we have ministered for a lifetime; that, we are in The Sovereign’s hands. Our trust is in Him alone! Please keep us in prayer for her complete recovery for His glory.


    If you wish to be up-dated on her condition and progress, you may use my personal email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Please also contact us using this email, with your own prayer needs.


    From our home to yours at this season of The Saviour’s birth, comes our love and prayer for God’s richest and greatest blessing in your and you families’ lives. We believe for His divine health, happiness and provision for you and yours in this coming year.


    We thank you for being our friend and faithfully standing with us in His Kingdom ministry.


    You are loved in Jesus name!


    John & Shirley Abraham.

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    Video - 100 Huntley Street Interview
    Written by John Abraham   
    Friday, 25 June 2010 15:56
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    Last Updated on Wednesday, 27 August 2014 15:05
    John's Ministry Goes On - The Lurgan Mail November 12, 2009
    Written by John Abraham   
    Friday, 25 June 2010 16:01

    John's Ministry Goes On - The Lurgan Mail, Nov 12, 2009

    The men in the picture were young teenages who joined me working in evangelism from 1950 for several years and are still close ministry friend today, sixty years later.

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    Audio Sermons - John Abraham (12 tracks) PDF Print E-mail
    Written by John Abraham   
    Friday, 25 June 2010 16:12

    John Abraham - 12 Tracks In Total.

    These messages were prepared and spoken slowly in English over short wave radio for the benefit of third world English speaking audiences.

    If you wish to followup on these messages, please contact John Abraham at www.globalcanada.org.

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